TTA 2015

Name: TOMODACHI Toshiba Science & Technology Leadership Academy
Date: Tuesday 4th August – Tuesday 11th August
Country: Tokyo, Japan
Participants’ Country: USA, Japan

This Year’s Theme:

This year’s theme asks students to consider that the world is experiencing many serious environmental and climate issues. Additionally, communities are struggling with the demands of an increasing population, aging infrastructure, increasing demand for finite resources and problems associated with global climate change. Program participants working in teams comprised of students and teachers from both countries will work together in Tokyo to develop a disaster-resilient, smart community of the future, using learning experiences they will have during the week, that are central to Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and the engineering design process.


The Next Generation Science Standards are new Kindergarten through 12th grade science standards that have been developed. They focus on and are arranged according to three main dimensions: practices important to science, concepts that cut across the sciences and are important in more than one science discipline and Disciplinary Core Ideas which can be either an idea that is important in many disciplines or is central to a particular science discipline. The NGSS are based on research which looked at how students learn science and provide benchmarks for science education.


Engineering Design Process:

The engineering design process is the set of steps that a designer takes to go from first, identifying a problem or need to, at the end, creating and developing a solution that solves the problem or meets the need look at the practices related to engineering in the Next Generation Science Standards.